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      Information on Payments

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      Information on Payments

      Please contact us with regards to our fee structure.

      Monthly payments are due, in advance, January to December inclusive, and may be paid electronically or by Stop Order.

      The onus is on the parents to ensure that the School is furnished with proof as to which child’s fees have been paid. Please use your ACCOUNT NUMBER as the reference in the case of EFT or direct deposits.

      For a new student who has not been allocated an account number, please use his/her full name until the account number has been allocated.

      The School bank account is at:

      Branch code 632005
      Account number 4047478503

      Late payment of fees is unacceptable!

      • Early payment (before the 1st) is rewarded.
      • There is a window period for payment until the 7th
      • If your account is not up to date by the 5th of the current month you will be notified by SMS,  that immediate settlement is required.
      • 15% per annum interested will be added to your account with immediate effect for late payments.
      • If your account is still not up to date by the 7th your child will be suspended with immediate effect until the full settlement of fees.
      • If the account is still not paid by the end of the month, your child will be de-registered and the account handed over for collection. Interest will be charged at 15% per annum.
      • You will also become liable for the additional legal and administrative costs added by the debt collection agency.
      • We reserve the right to accept or reject an application for re-registration.

      Fee Discounts

      • Annual fees including tuition life skills, aftercare and estimated use of PACEs will be discounted by 8% if full payment is received by 31 December – discount will be held as a credit balance and offset against PACE usage throughout the year.
      • Monthly fees paid before the 1st of the month will earn a credit of 1,5% in the following months to account – if your account is fully up-to-date
      • A R250 per month discount applies to a 2nd child and a further R250 per month for a 3rd or subsequent child from the same (immediate) family enrolled in either the College or the Preschool

      All fees are payable monthly in advance for 12 months of the year including holiday months

      • A full calendar month’s notice in writing is required if a child is leaving the school – otherwise you will be billed for that month.
      • Invoices and statements are sent out for the following month not later than the 27th or by the last day of the term before a holiday.
      • Full payment of all fees is required by the 1st of the month.
      • If your account is up to date and your fees for the next month have been paid before the 1st (as reflected on the school’s bank statement or as per receipt), you will receive a credit of 1,5% of that month’s tuition fees in your next statement