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      Intermediate Phase

      Intermediate Phase

      This phase accommodates grades 4 to 6 and students are typically aged 10 to 13 years.

      The intermediate phase is a transitional stage where the students mature and become more independent.

      This is a crucial stage for emotional and intellectual development.


      Our Learning Centre has a multimedia centre, an office and a large classroom environment.

      The Learning Centre has a ratio of 10-12 children per staff member.

      Teaching Ethos

      Our Supervisors and Monitors have been selected for their experience in dealing with the unique needs of our students. They bring their commitment and motivation for the academic content in the process stimulating learning to take place in the Learning Centre.

      Independence, ability to think critically and communication skills are a few areas we would concentrate on at this level to prepare the students to cope with the academic intensity of the High School phase.


      Maths, English, Afrikaans, Literature, Word Building, Social Studies (includes Geography and History), Science, Life Orientation.

      Additional skills training includes Physical Education, Art, Drama, Music, and E-Learning (Computer Literacy).

      Throughout we continue to teach and role model Christian principles, and develop Christian character.

      Intermediate Phase
      Intermediate Phase
      Intermediate Phase