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Heritage Christian College

Accelerated Christian Education

Our Core Values

  • We acknowledge that the Word of God is the highest authority.
  • We place a high value on strong staff, student and parent relationships.
  • We place a high value on equipped and effective team members.
  • We place a strong emphasis on networking with like-minded educational institutions and ministries.
  • We continuously strive to achieve excellence and quality in all that we do.
  • We place a strong emphasis on honour and integrity.
  • We see all students as candidates for salvation.


Treasure Tots Preschool in Modderfontein


A comprehensive, age-related, theme based programme is followed in each preschool group.  The programme we use to prepare grade R’s for grade 1 is called ‘Preschool with ACE and Christi’.

Treasure Tots caters for children at all levels of development spanning five age groups:

Toddler Group
Junior Group
Middle Group
Grade R Group
3 months up to 16 months
16 months to 3 years
3 years to 4 years
4 years to 5 years
typically 5 years old, turning 6 during the year

Find out more about Treasure Tots Modderfontein at www.treasuretots.co.za

Teaching Ethos

We assist the preschoolers to become more aware of the world around them. Our Teachers and assistants expose the children to the world in an age appropriate manner and concentrate on developing their gross motor and coordination skills, relationships with others and their love for learning.

Preschool will also help your child gain confidence as they are taught to appreciate and value their own abilities and their unique place in this world as they are nurtured according to Biblical principles.


Treasure Tots Modderfontein offers a tranquil, safe and caring environment where each class is staffed by a trained, committed teacher and a dedicated classroom assistant. We have excellent playground facilities where children can play and ride bicycles etc.

  • Snacks and nutritional meals are served.
  • Half or full day options are available.
  • Holiday Club is offered during school holidays.

Foundation Phase

This phase accommodates students from grade 1 to 3 who are typically between the ages of 6 to 9 years old.


Subjects: Maths, English, Afrikaans, Word Building, Social Studies, Science, Bible Reading and Animal Science are taught in the Foundation Phase learning centres.

Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education and Life Orientation are taught as group activities.

E-Learner (computer literacy) starts in Grade 2.

Teaching Ethos

The Foundation Phase places a bigger emphasis on active learning and developing each student’s skill from a social, emotional, physical, and intellectual perspective, so as to develop the whole child.

We also concentrate on communication and language skills as well as reading and numeracy. The PACE materials encourage our young students to become more confident, competent, and independent learners.


We have 3 well equipped Learning Centres with a multimedia centre.

Each learning centre has a well-trained Supervisor and dedicated Monitor per 24 students.

Readmaster Lab

A well-equipped lab with eight computers to assist the children with their reading skills.

Readmaster Plus is a software suite containing four programs: Readmaster®, Typemaster®, Word Builder, and Math Builder®. These learning enhancement programs are designed to increase a student’s proficiency in reading and comprehension, typing, spelling, and basic arithmetic.

  • Rewards students with special activities included on the CD
  • Prints out a merit certificate to be used with your school merit system
  • Prints student history reports for all programs to track student use and progress
  • Personalizes all of the programs to optimize learning for individual students
  • Provides a user-friendly environment created by similar style, appearance, and functionality of each program within the suite

Intermediate Phase

This phase accommodates grades 4 to 6 and students are typically aged 10 to 13 years.


Maths, English, Afrikaans, Literature, Word Building, Social Studies (includes Geography and History), Science, Life Orientation.

Additional skills training includes Physical Education, Art, Drama, Music, and E-Learning (Computer Literacy).

Throughout we continue to teach and role model Christian principles, and develop Christian character.

Teaching Ethos

Our Supervisors and Monitors have been selected for their experience in dealing with the unique needs of our students. They bring their commitment and motivation for the academic content in the process stimulating learning to take place in the Learning Centre.

Independence, ability to think critically and communication skills are a few areas we would concentrate on at this level to prepare the students to cope with the academic intensity of the High School phase.


Our Learning Centre has a multimedia centre, an office and a large classroom environment.

The Learning Centre has a ratio of 10-12 children per staff member.

High School

This phase accommodates students from grade 7 to grade 12, typically 13 years and older.


Core Subjects for High School include English, Afrikaans, Mathematics (or Maths Literacy), and Life Orientation.

Additional subjects are:  Biblical Studies, Natural Science, Life Science, Business Studies, History, Tourism and Skillspro (for Grades 7 – 9).

Additional Electives include:  Etymology, Speech, Missions and Literature.



IEB Curriculum

Core subjects for IEB Online (Grade 10 – 12) include English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, (or Math Literacy), Life Orientation, Business Studies, History, Geography, Life Science, Physical Science, IsiZulu, CAT (Computer Application Technology).


Teaching Ethos

Our teaching ethos is directed by a Biblical worldview approach.  At the High School phase our staff are involved in preparing teenagers for adult life, concentrating on academic abilities, life skills, relational skills and assisting them to become responsible and successful members of our society.



The Department consists of a learning centre and an office/ group classroom with TV/ DVD Player.

About Us

Heritage Christian College is an independent Christian community school.

We are located in the heart of historic Modderfontein. At Heritage Christian College we believe that each child is born with a divinely crafted purpose and equipped with a unique set of talents to fulfil his or her destiny as planned by God. As such, we work with each child to help them unlock their distinctive purpose. Our school uses the international ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) educational system which was birthed in 1970 in the U.S.A and introduced to South Africa in 1984. There are currently 6 500 schools and preschools worldwide who are using the ACE student support materials and methodology. 350 of these are based in South Africa.

Our learning centres are non-competitive. We do not compare one student to another; rather we harness each child’s gifts and abilities. Our Supervisors (teachers) and Monitors encourage them to do their best on a daily basis. Each child sets their own goals (with the guidance of our Supervisors) and work at a level and speed that is uniquely tailored for them. By engaging students in this way, they are able to reach their true potential, assured that they can accomplish what they set their minds to. The Biblical principles our students are exposed to in each PACE module make them aware of the highest values that they should aim for through a relationship with God.

The GED is registered as a foreign qualification originating from the USA and has a matric equivalence (SAQA NQF level 4). The registration, completion and issuing of the Diploma costs around R7000,00 (as of 2017). Most South African as well as International Universities accept the GED for entrance.

Pastor Wayne Scullard

Pastor Wayne Scullard

Head Paster/ Principal

Regional Manager (Accelerated Education Enterprises)

Pastor Clive Rose

Pastor Clive Rose

Financial Advisor

Director of Anger & Stress Management Centre

Miss Emrie Wright

Miss Emrie Wright


Our Vision

To equip students with Christian character, life skills, and an excellent academic foundation that will enable them to fulfil their God-appointed purpose and potential.

Our Mission

To establish a functional Christian School which facilitates, trains, and equips through sound Biblically based Educational materials and principles, thereby sustaining, enhancing and furthering the vision of Heritage Christian College.


Lets Learn How it Works!


Heritage Christian College and Preschool is committed to meeting all the requirements of the South African National Curriculum while providing a solid educational programme from grade 1 to grade 12 and a properly structured Early Childhood Development programme in the Preschool from babies to grade R.

The school uses the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) programme as the primary source of curriculum materials from grade R to grade 12.

The ACE programme has been and is constantly being adapted to comply with the changes in the South African National Curriculum, with local materials for subjects such as:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Afrikaans
  • Business Economics
  • Life Orientation

ACE complies with the required assessment standards and specific outcomes of the National Curriculum Statements.

The basic ACE exit qualification is the grade 12 College Entrance Certificate (grade 12 CEC), which is a ‘matric equivalent’ (NQF4)

Students may also follow a route that leads directly  to the South African National Senior Certificate (Matric Certificate) for study locally.

The internationally recognised ICCE (International Certificate of Christian Education) is another Matric option which allows for tertiary study abroad.

How each class is structured

While academic excellence is encouraged and supported, the classroom or Learning Centre environment is not competitive – we work with each student in order to grow their abilities. We reward Christian character, values and attitudes in conjunction with cultivating our students’ academic abilities.

Most Learning Centres are grade-specific; however, this is not essential as the students work individually and are assisted by the staff team. Students are encouraged to work independently and at their own pace in order to grow their confidence and develop character traits such as diligence, integrity, being reliable and responsible, which in turn serves them throughout their lives within the family, community and work environments.

The Supervisor in an ACE learning Centre is involved in facilitating learning, providing support, guidance and motivating our students while the administrative aid is typically provided by a Monitor.

Normally a Learning Centre with 20-24 students will have 1 Supervisor and 1 Monitor, and for every 10-12 additional students we will provide a further Supervisor or Monitor.

At Senior level, the student may also be assisted by subject specialists.

In some cases, we find that a student may excel in their grade. We may look at promoting him/her to the next academic level during the year.  However, in addition to their academic ability, we must also take into account the maturity level of the student before making such a decision.

Equally a child who struggles to find their feet in a grade is not pressurized to be promoted before they have mastered the curriculum for their present grade.


Five Laws of Learning

Level:Each student is different and unique and will work best at a performance level that they are comfortable with. This is closely managed by their class Supervisor.


Measurement:Regular Checkups,  Self Tests and PACE Tests assist the student and Supervisor to measure progress and obtain feedback.


Goals:Daily and long-term goals are set by the student for each of their subjects with the guidance of the class Supervisor. Setting goals and reaching them on a daily basis sets the tone for life long achievement, which is a valuable life skill!


Rewards:Recognising and rewarding good attitudes, hard work and Christian character.


Controls and motivations :The rules, and procedures exercised in the classroom  creates structure for the student where successful learning  can take place in order to develop independence, focus, discipline and respect.

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