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      AEE is the distributing agent for the Accelerated Christian Education Programme (A.C.E.). The product range commences at the Early Childhood Development (ECD) stage with Step-by-Step for Tiny Tots, (AEE product) then progresses to the “Reading Readiness” programme for Grade R through to the “Learning to Read” in Grade 1 and continues in the foundation, intermediate, senior and FET phases.

      For mission schools, product kits called “Shape” (Grade R) and “Leap”(Grade 1) are provided. Additional product offerings called “English as Your Second Language” and “Speaking English with Ace and Christi” and “ABC’s for English Learners” and “Videophonics” are available to assist in the teaching of English to learners whose home language is not English.

      A.C.E.’s academic philosophy is based on its 5 Laws of Learning. These A.C.E. foundational concepts are the cornerstone of a student’s academic success. Visit the A.C.E. website for more information.

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      What is A.C.E.

      The globally successful Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) programme is a unique education system that offers students the opportunity to learn at their own pace while being guided by excellent, Biblically-based learning materials. The A.C.E. programme was developed to offer parents and students a high-quality, Christian alternative to the conventional schooling system. This learning system is aligned with the South African school curriculum and has been used by schools and homeschools around the world for more than four decades. This is an excellent tool to equip the next generation to adapt to the changing face of modern education.

      Reaching the world for Christ, one child at a time.

      How Do You Benefit?

      1. Individualised Instruction
      2. Mastery-Based Learning
      3. Academic Excellence
      4. Bible-Based
      5. Character Building
      6. Diagnostic Testing
      7. Affordable
      8. Critical Thinking Skills
      9. Goal Setting



      1. Pre-schools

      • Step-by-Step for Tiny Tots (developed in SA but is also applicable to other countries in Africa)
      • Pre-school with Ace and Christi (Grade R)
      • Shape Kit (Mission schools equivalent of grade R)

      2. Schools

      • Grade 1 – Grade 12
      • ABCs learning to read programme (grade 1)
      • Leap Kit (mission schools equivalent of grade 1)

      3. Home Schooling (as above)

      • Grade R – Grade 12

      4. Additional Programmes & Products

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