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      Heritage Christian College

      Accelerated Christian Education


      Heritage Christian College is for Christian students from grade 1-12.

      Children of non-Christians may be admitted should the Principal, after consultation with the prospective student’s parents and the senior management team consider the ACE programme a suitable fit for the student.

      A student candidate:

      • will not be refused admission on the grounds of race and/or gender
      • transferring from another ACE school may not need to write the Diagnostic Test unless the Principal/HOD decides differently.
      • will be subject to at least one term probationary period.
      • must show proof of immunizations and be free of contagious diseases.
      • must reside with at least one parent/guardian who takes daily responsibility for the student’s academic progress and compliance with school rules.

      Each child sets their own goals (with the guidance of our Supervisors) and work at a level and speed that is uniquely tailored for them.

      By engaging students in this way, they are able to reach their true potential, assured that they can accomplish what they set their minds to.

      The Biblical principles our students are exposed to in each PACE module make them aware of the highest values that they should aim for through a relationship with God.

      After completion of the ACE curriculum the learner will be able to choose one of two exit routes:

      1. IEB Online

      2. General Education Diploma (GED).

      There are 4 Subjects in the GED Exam:

      • English
      • Maths
      • Science
      • Social Studies

      The GED is registered as a foreign qualification originating from the USA and has a matric equivalence (SAQA NQF level 4).

      The registration, completion and issuing of the Diploma costs around R7000,00 (as of 2017).

      Most South African as well as International Universities accept the GED for entrance.

        Enrolment process

        Step 1:  Contact the School

        • The school Secretary will advise  of the next steps following a discussion regarding your child’s academic needs.

        Step 2 – Diagnostic tests

        • To gain entrance to HCC the student is required to complete an ACE Diagnostic Test to establish their academic ability and identify any learning gaps they may have, for example, their reading comprehension level may be high but grammar may be below grade level.
        • The student candidate will also enjoy a day or two with us in order to gain further understanding of the ACE curriculum and our Christian values.
        • A non-refundable fee of R400 is charged which includes the test, a follow-up interview and administration.
        • A non-refundable fee of R400 is charged for grade R children taking the Reading Readiness Test to determine if they are ready for grade 1.

        Step 3:  Diagnostic Feedback

        • An interview date will be set with the parents, to discuss the ACE Diagnostic Test results. Should the test results prove acceptable, the Management will then discuss the next steps and any learning gaps the student may have in their  core subjects.

        Step 4: Credit Checks

        • The HCC administration team will conduct the necessary ITC checks before registration takes place.

        Step 5: Registration and payment

        • A student will not be registered unless their parent/guardian agrees in writing to support and comply with the rules and policies of the school. Registration fees are payable before acceptance of the student in the school.

        Step 6: School Tour

        Once all of the above is completed we will determine the start date and take the parent/guardian on a tour of the Heritage Christian College campus. Alternatively Open Days can be arranged with the school secretary and HCC Management.

        School Activities

        Non Academic Activities

        Heritage Christian College is committed to developing positive attitudes and life skills such as commitment, teamwork, fair play, as well as respect for authority and rules. These are best taught through activities in sports and other extramural activities.

        Extramural Activities

        Heritage Christian College has handpicked tutors and coaches from Gauteng who provide a wide range of additional extramural activities. Students are encouraged to enroll for at least one extramural activity.


        Foundation Phase:

        *  Playfit

        * Soccer Stars

        * Swimming

        Intermediate and High School:

        * Soccer Stars

        Most of these activities are scheduled for between 2 and 3 pm  (Foundation Phase, Intermediate and High School, Mondays to Thursdays).

        While the school provides the facilities, enrolment in extra-murals is elective and negotiated with external service providers.

        Whilst we do attempt to standardize and set fee structures on your behalf, fees for these activities will be billed separately and should be paid directly to the service provider.

        Life Skills

        The school arranges Life Skills classes during school hours. These activities include:

        *Art  (Gr1 – Gr9)

        *Physical Education

        *Life Orientation


        *Computer Literacy :

        Computer Grades 2 – 6  (Computer for kids)

        Computer Grades 7 – 9 (Skillspro)



        Heritage Christian College is a member of SACSSA (South African Christian Schools Sports Association).

        In partnership with other Christian Schools, the school competes in Netball, 6-a-side soccer, Volleyball, Athletics, Cross Country, and Table Tennis. Students can reach national levels.


        Please make contact with Treasure Tots on

        (011) 608-3131.

        The Treasure Tots Aftercare Centre is open to all Heritage Christian College learners from Grade 1 to 12. The aftercare is located on the pre-school premises, with security, and supervised by Treasure Tots and Heritage staff to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our learners. In the early afternoon, a cooked meal will be served to all the Aftercare Learners. After lunch, the younger children enjoy supervised play, while learners from grades 1 to 6 begin their supervised homework. Once homework has been completed, learners are encouraged to enjoy free play in the playground. For afternoons with bad weather, the learners may watch approved DVDs indoors, engage in supervised arts and crafts programmes or bring their own board games.


        Learners who are not collected and are at school half an hour after the last bell (14:30 on Mondays – Thursdays and 13:30 on Fridays) will be automatically added to the aftercare daily register, and the parent/guardian will be billed at the aftercare daily rate.  (This is to ensure that learners are safe and accounted for).

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